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The rigid class structure where the nobility and church owned the land which the peasants worked, and supported those above them while being kept down by those above, was very well conveyed in the film.

Life was short and hard, health was poor and the plague could return at any time, carrying off those who had not been carried off by the incessant wars. The period of the film is set just prior to the reformation.

I’ve also provided you with labels you can download – there are 2 different sizes depending on your jar / bottle size.

For the wordless scene in which the girl seduces Adso, Jean-Jacques Annaud didn't give Valentina Vargas directions.

May God grant me the wisdom and grace to be the faithful chronicler of the happenings that took place in a remote abbey in the dark north of Italy.

An abbey whose name it seems, even now, pious and prudent to omit.

Let's just say this beautifully-sculpted woman ain't shy! Well, Demi first hit the spotlight when she started dating rapper Tyga in May of 2016.

In fact, Demi is known to tease the hell out of her audience on the daily, but we got her BEST moments here to date. Soon thereafter her Instagram account started to blow up!

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