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For example, my single track rail says RAM and not RRW.daftpunk03: It does work on GOG copies.Corrupt file would be a sign of an issue with either your connection or our server, not the NAM itself.We would definitely be interested in knowing if you did indeed go the CD key route, or if you did buy it retail off the Origin Store. All other forms work well, except the Real Railway or any other rail texture disappears. Rail from the existing cities before NAM still show regularly as well as any single tile cross of rail. I downloaded several dependencies and none have fixed the problem and tried several installation options including using the default Maxis rail. Ayren: There are some tram stations included in the mod--we started including stations 5 years (and 5 versions) ago.If you're looking for more, try doing a LEX Power Search, selecting "Transport - Rail" in the "LEX Category" box.The only advice I'd offer to anyone else is to check the properties of the mod's downloaded Zip File.Win10's security may have automatically 'blocked' the file from being used.New features in Version 36--September 13, 2017 Alex_SPR: Sounds like you might have gotten lucky and picked it up during a time when Origin was actually giving out properly updated copies.Hang onto that properly updated copy with all your might, and back it up.

I was wondering if I could have tips on what mods that I should get next, such as better utilities or schools or something, as well as maybe a cool texture mod. burmi79: The NAM includes Euro textures and has since NAM 31, when we went to the "monolithic" package.

Maybe that's causing a bit of trouble for some people. I would like to test if elevated rail in avenue zones differently, however I have seen no Elevated rail in avenue station.

Thank you all for your continued support of this fantastic mod! Can you please lead me to an Elevated rail in avenue station. Thank you Good mod, but it's not compatible with the "light replacement mod".

But as far as I remember NAM was not working well to 100% as long as Euro textures for extensions like SAM or NWM are not available any more in later versions.

And as far as I remember the additional Euro texture mod which I use in my older version of NAM didnt work with newer version of NAM - thats why I deactivated it again although Id really like to use extended functionalities!

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