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Wearing short clothing, walking hand in hand and kissing in public are considered inappropriate or low class.If your girlfriend does not seem to care and shows this behavior you may have a reason of concern about her background.In Thailand, white skin is considered as more beautiful than dark skin. Another reason is that Western people are rich in the eyes of Thai women, because a plane ticket from most western countries to Thailand cost 3 average monthly salaries to them and a western salary of a construction worker in the Europe is twice as high as the salary of a Thai manager.Most billboards show people with white colored skin and a majority of the skin care products have a whitener additive. Furthermore, there is a surplus of women in Thailand and a portion of the men are transsexual or gay.Thai women represent 70% of the higher educated people in Thailand.The Western man has a better reputation on these points.Many Thai women who divorced their Thai husband say they felt like they had to do all the family work on their own.

Traditional Thai women are much better for a good relationship, but are also much more difficult to meet.

So there is a large group of Thai women that can’t find a man.

Thai women are known world-wide for their good and bad qualities; the bad qualities usually dominate.

Mostly this Thai women will not feel any love and will look for someone else once their ‘boyfriend’ departs.

These Thai women and girls are not always bargirls; many work in hotels, massage parlours or in a restaurant.

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