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I modified the example file to give box an address of Name Service (DNS) is an Internet service that maps IP addresses and fully qualified domain names (FQDN) to one another.DNS is a complex, highly distributed system that operates on the hierarchical structure of domain names, so it is worth briefly covering some background.In tech speak, DNS resolves a name (domain name) into an IP address using a series of queries to authoritative DNS servers until the final answer, an IP address, is obtained.A secondary master DNS server is used to complement a primary master DNS server by serving a copy of the zone(s) configured on the primary server.Secondary servers are recommended in larger setups.The root servers are always the starting point for any new query cycle, which makes them the critical part of the critical infrastructure! Using anycast techniques, these servers are replicated across the globe.

You can even configure BIND9 to be a Caching and Primary Master DNS server simultaneously, a Caching and a Secondary Master server or even a Caching, Primary Master and Secondary Master server.DNS performs IP address-to-name translation by manipulating the IP address and using reverse-mapped zones under the reserved domain name Now, by way of illustrating the sometimes confusing nature of the DNS, some organizations (especially smaller ones) elect to run both caching and authoritative functions in the same name server.While this is not a recommended practice for reasons that we shall see later, it may be simply a pragmatic solution.Private IP addresses are any in the ranges,, and ISPs are delegated the task of reverse-mapping public IPs, they have no such responsibility for private IP addresses. 14 IN PTR joe., which was probably not the intended result.

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