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In 1994, Smulyan was tabbed by The White House to head the U. Delegation to the Plenipotentiary Conference of the International Telecommunications Union. In 2005, (boasts Smulyan on his Website), Emmis Communications was named one of is owned by the Canadian Jew, Edgar Bronfman Jr.of Time Warner, who has a professional alliance with Emmis Communications.) Apparently, Alex Jones ALSO LIKES to work for Emmis and KNOWS very well, indeed, how to keep his mouth shut when it comes to singling out Zionists and Jewish lobbyists when broadcasting for Smulyan’s KBLJ radio. - a big motivator even for ‘conspiracy theorists’ like ADL-promoted radio talk show hosts.

That world Zionism is the center of evil on the planet is beyond any rational dispute.” That stunning statement simply shattered the credibility meter. Many have noticed - and even die-hard fans have been perplexed for years - over Jones refusing to discuss the ‘elephant in the board room’ on his radio show.He simply will not criticize or even mention ‘World Zionism’ except in passing…and very infrequently at that. Therefore, when the ADL ‘blasts’ someone in the media who does not mention Zionism, or the Israel Lobby, or Zionist Jews, one has to start digging a little deeper and thinking of who ultimately benefits from such an ADL ‘attack.’ Jones, jumping on the opportunity (as planned at some level?That question is vital…as you consider the following material.A recent investigative piece by Lorie Kramer uncovered an apparent clear link between Zionism and the Zionist Bronfman family of North America, and alternative talk show host Alex Jones.

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