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While there was quantifiable data about heterosexual behaviors, there haven’t been similarly sized studies done on LGBTQ students’ habits.

As last year was dubbed “The Year We Obsessed Over Identity” by in October, and the historic Supreme Court decision in June granted same-sex couples the right to marry, hopefully, there will be more official data on this topic soon.

While 91% of college students think their campus is dominated by it, only 28% actively participate. Then, we talked to real college students about their own preferences when it comes to dating and hook-up culture.

Last month’s pieces focused on heterosexual students, so we tried to figure out if there were similar campus trends affecting the LGBTQ community.

Ein Stromerzeugungsaggregat (Notstromaggregat) ist eine Einrichtung, die aus vorhandenen Ressourcen elektrischen Strom erzeugt, um insbesondere von Stromnetzen unabhängig zu sein. Diesel- oder Benzinmotor) und ein Generator zur Stromerzeugung bilden hierbei eine Einheit.

Ein Antriebsaggregat, meistens eine Verbrennungskraftmaschine (z.

Most of the new operettas can no longer be performed, because they were written by Jewish composers (like Kálmán and Abraham).

The theatre was destroyed in 1945, and when it reopens after reconstruction it is with a performance of Johann Strauss’s Die Fledermaus under the General Director Walter Felsenstein, from Austria, who renames it the Komische Oper.

In the years to come his principles are extremely influential on attitudes towards musical theatre, and they are copied throughout Europe.

Hans Gregor, who was General Director there from 1905 to 1911, had been inspired by similar ideas and demanded »art without conventions, prejudices or artistic vanity«.

Felsenstein noted in the programme for the opening premiere of the Komische Oper: »Although Komische Oper is the literal translation of Opéra comique, if it is taken literally it is misleading, suggesting a meaning which is not completely appropriate for the genre of musical theatre so unmistakably described by the French term.

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and Shakespeare with a new genre, German Singspiel, which is influenced by the French Opéra comique and constitutes an alternative to courtly (Italian) Opera.

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