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Not rated yet Now the other issues I'm having that I'm having a hard time dealing

I myself have none yet but we have talked about it. How do other truckers wives deal I'm about to bail!

If you are a positive minded trucker's wife then you are at the right place to socialize, have fun, or get serious support about life as a trucker wife.

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When he comes home on weekends he spends a lot of time by himself I've been with my boyfriend a year and a half. I've been dating my trucker boyfriend for about 7 months now. When we met he had a 3 night 12hr shift one week and 4 night 12hr shifts the next. How do you get yourself to relax knowing your husband is driving in god aweful weather/road conditions?

Hi ladies, my husband is fairly new to the industry and I am just starting to experience the joys of him driving through snow storms, snow squalls, white …

I'm a Producer in Los Angeles and we are gathering research for a documentary-styled TV series which focuses on men who live secret, double … Not rated yet We have recently decided to track our miles and pay more in depth with me keeping a running log at home not just him at work. Not rated yet I have been with my husband for over 10 years.Not rated yet We have been married 18 years he has only been a otr trucker almost 6 years he is a completely different person than I married sadly. Meeting with other ladies for a gathering in their area Not rated yet I live in Athens Ga. I moved here from South Florida and has been hard for me to make friends. Lonely & depressed - My Life is Pure Hell Not rated yet This is such a lonely life.I regret my boyfriend ever started driving because my life is pure hell. New at life as a truckers wife, looking for insight and advice Not rated yet My finance just started his new job on the road.I'm glad I found this site, iv found a lot of good information. Mrs matthews new trucker wife he's been gone a week! I know he is doing it to take care of our family, me and 1 yr old daughter. New truckers wife (since 2007) of an o/o trucker alone at night... Need to talk with those that travel with their husbands on the OTR jobs! And we talk everyday on Instant Messanger or phone. I'm worried because I haven't heard from him in 9 days! Casting Television Show about Trucker Wives New television series looking for truck driver families willing to share their lives with us.I would like to have some pros and cons from the wives that go with husbands. We are looking for families dealing with the real life issues …

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We are interested in doing a documentary for television about a group … Suggestions on meals and ways to cook for 2 on the road?

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