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However, their sexual awakening occurs at the age of 15.The highest average age of virginity loss is 18.1 and belongs to generation X (those born between 19).The age of sexual awakening (defined as a ‘sudden realization of sexual feelings and urges) is 13.8.For those identifying as bisexual, the two are closer together.It’s notable that ‘gay respondents recalled a sexual awakening at an earlier age than any other demographic group’ but they lost their virginity at the second-highest age.Almost every respondent said their best form of education was experience (100% of gay respondents, 99% straight, and 98% bisexual).

Catfishing has become a big problem of online dating.

Europeans and Americans both also said this was the best way.

Porn was next, with 82% of gay and straight people and 84% of bisexual people citing it.

Five decades on from the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality, a range of LGBTQ stars (including Sir Elton John and Stephen Fry) reflect on Britain's history of prejudice, persecution and liberation.

It's a Tinder alternative for kinky couples and singles.

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