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Throughout the campaign, people were taking sides, and the effects began to permeate the bedroom.

Couples were splitting up in "you’re fired" style — that is, instantly and without warning.

As a dating coach in the business of love, I saw first-hand the strain in people’s relationships — including mine — when Trump ran for and eventually became president. We began sending each other digital versions of photographs neither of us had tossed away.

During the presidential campaign, I found myself on the opposite end of the political spectrum from the man whom I thought was the love of my life. Initially, these political differences didn’t alarm me, but over time, the division began to tear us apart. His albums had been stored in an attic while mine collected dust in a garage.

That was, until the heated election season rolled in, where out of nowhere, our relationship began to fray, and our perfect world abruptly started to crumble."I can’t take another four years of the Clintons," he murmured while pouring himself a martini.

"Don’t tell me you’d vote for Trump," I yelled and lost my appetite.

For a woman with a big and public voice, I remained unusually quiet, with the hope that he’d calm down after the voting frenzy was over.

Slowly, I started to pull away from him and I felt him doing the same.

Still, a few weeks later, on Valentine’s Day, my beloved curated the perfect 48-hour love fest, and the cloud of politics never made it to the bedroom.He was as excited about Trump’s swearing-in as he’d be if he scored an eagle on his favorite golf course. "Here I was, with a man who believed our country’s new leader was making America great again.While I checked Trump’s daily tweets, now the primary source of hard news, my blood pressure rose.He drove over four hours bringing me one dozen long-stemmed roses in a ruby-red vase, embellished with a crystal heart bracelet.We later dined in an ocean-view table at Shutters in Santa Monica, where two years earlier we had reunited.

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  1. And if you don’t give guidelines, kids come up with their own.” While the idea of our kids developing romantic interests can be uncomfortable for parents to deal with, it’s more important to seize the opportunity to talk to them about positive, pro-social relationships, says Homayoun.