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Your date nights are at extravagant restaurants, not at home just hanging out."He prefers to decompress alone and not include you in life's day-to-day," says House.RELATED: 10 Things Your Husband's Friends Won't Tell You4.

Guys can have female friends, especially if they're part of your social circle and you get platonic vibes from their relationship.If you've heard this exclusively when he's drunk—whether from booze or accomplishments—it doesn't count.House says it's important he says this during a moment in life, when your heads are crystal-clear."He has a tough time committing to any plan that's even a few days or a week out," says House. Not all men need the foreplay many women do to warm up, so with a guy who doesn't care about your needs "it's just a wham-bam kind of thing," says dating expert Neely Steinberg, author of . And it shouldn't, even though every relationship has ebbs and flows."He doesn't want to feel boxed in by anything" in case something better comes along. Sex doesn't feel intimate when you're not getting satisfaction, and you won't get it unless he strives to be sexually compatible with you. "It's not the end of the honeymoon phase, but his usual MO," says Steinberg. That "I'm-not-worthy" feeling can make you feel like he thinks he's won the lottery with you.

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