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They were congratulated and presented with a small box of chocolate and a low-value giftcard.

Bran had booked one less appointment than the other three, despite having worked just as hard, and received nothing. Bran – to his credit – said nothing at the time, and joined in with congratulating the other Starks on their prizes.

You could start with this: “I’m finding that managing interns effectively is taking up a significant portion of my time, and it’s making it tough for me to spend as much time on X and Y (name some important priorities here) as I need to.

I typically spend about X hours a week training, answering daily questions, attending meetings, overseeing their work, and giving feedback.

It’s been two weeks and I want to explode from the stress.

I need to speak to my manager soon as people start looking for internships early in the school year. I know newbies need training and supervision but I do not want this to be a continual assignment for me.

I need to find the appropriate way to tell my supervisor that I do not want to supervise another intern next year.

To receive SNAP, you must be low income and be a US citizen or legal noncitizen (restrictions apply).

Last year, we had an intern and I ended up shouldering the “burden” of training her, answering many questions on a daily basis, maintaining her daily schedule, attending any meetings she was required for (which doubled my meeting caseload), and dividing up and overseeing our work assignments.

I wasn’t given any reduction in my normal duties for this, and it was not something I’d offered to do.

However, I can’t help but feel this was a bit unfair to Bran, being the only person on the team to not receive any acknowledgement despite being so very close to the level the others achieved.

I think if I had been Ned, I would have presented Bran with the chocolates at least, in recognition of how close the competition had been and his hard work.

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