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The word Escrow, represents and refers to the last 5.3 million shares, which are in the Disputed Equity Escrow Account. (link at Bottom) The LTI, includes all common shareholders … When you monetize Assets, your turning them into cash… In accordance with the Plan, the Trust will issue in amounts sufficient to pay-in-full claims held by beneficiaries of the Trust who are senior to members of Classes 19 and 22… have nothing to do with, any cash or money coming back to those that have, the Escrow CUSIPS or the Escrow markers. It’s your LTI or Liquidating Trust Interests, that will be paid in CASH If you did not release, you still have a Preferred Equity Interests or a Common Equity Interests… The , (your LTI) its calculated using the number of shares of common stock issued and outstanding as of the Petition Date, which is 1,704,958,913 shares. (when issued) This next excerpt is from the same press release, it’s about the cash distribution…Late charges are dependent upon the level of delinquency and administrative fees are dependent upon the level of move-ins.

NOI is not a substitute for net income, net operating cash flow, or other related GAAP financial measures, in evaluating our operating results. You don’t get paid cash, for your markers you receive shares… And to illustrate that your LTI or Liquidating Trust Interests, will distribute the cash … now, there’s only 1,500,000 shares remaining in the Escrow Account.However, Core FFO per share is not a substitute for net income per share.Because other REITs may not compute Core FFO per share in the same manner as we do, may not use the same terminology or may not present such a measure, Core FFO per share may not be comparable among REITs.

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The following table reconciles from FFO per share to Core FFO per share (unaudited): .

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