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Sounds like Jesse and Josh had a great time on the DH set.R38Shonda Rhimes had fans guessing after she told Larry Wilmore that she once killed off a character because she didn't like the actor.Tim and his family evicted Randal Jones, James Daly's last lover, from his condo when James died. But he's probably one of those feminine heterosexuals.

Fox had to show her on a sports program(I think it was the World Series) in order to show that she actually eats!

Ramirez came out as bisexual after leaving Grey's Anatomy and been insufferable on social media regarding bisexuals on TV shows.

She bitched about a bisexual joke on The Real O'Neals and then got into with Dustin Lance Black about the lack of bisexual main characters on When We Rise. [Quote] Rumor has it that she calls the shots at ABC and canned shows by showrunners she considered a threat to her position. How many men in a similar position would have done that??

She's very savvy."It looks like Shonda was being a cunt and Dempsey was a gentleman. I know there was a story about him and the nanny that was quieted, but someone must have some goods on him. As for anyone in Hollywood who we don't think is gay.......... Even a blind squirrel finds a nut even now and then. Perhaps all the supposed femme dykes over at Lezzie Chat got at least one term right!

Isaiah Washington was a homophobic prick so maybe he is the one she is referring to. Tyle Daly is straight, she'll only date/marry black men. Daddy Daly was a homo."Calista Flockhart is anorexic" is a story that's been around for 20 years - there was even a People cover story on it around 1998. Who outside people in Hollywood and in the gay community knew that Rock Hudson was the biggest bottom in the world? [Quote] Perhaps all the supposed femme dykes over at Lezzie Chat got at least one term right! The think everyone is a bislut and have no problem saying it every 5 mins.[Quote] I've never understood about Shonda being in the closet given how open and also liberal she is about everything else Everyone has something to hide. Do you avaluate every fucking post on Lezzie Chat you overly obsessed brain addled moron?

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Shonda Rhimes had someone else tell Daly instead of doing the job herself.

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